PARADISE POINT: Fabulous project on Ecuador's south coast offers easy living, full amenities and spectacular sunsets -- all at a great price

July 7, 2011 03:04 by Admin

If you're looking for laid-back costal living without the traffic, highrises and marauding hordes of weekenders, you may be looking for Paradise Point.

Located 10 minutes south of Ecuador's surfing capital, Montanita, on the Ruta del Sol, Paradise Point offers a wide-open, almost-empty beach, fabulous sunsets and a peaceful setting at the best price you´ll find on Ecuador´s developing coastline.

Paradise Point is a three hectare (seven acres+), 21-lot, gated community situated directly on the Pacific Ocean. The spacious lots range in size from 800 square meters (almost 1/4 of an acre) to 1,200 square meters.  All lots are either on the ocean or have an ocean view.

Although Paradise Point is small, it has all the amenities of larger developments. It features underground utilities and 24-hour security and is within walking distance of a restaurant, small medical clinic and grocery store. The intention of the developers is to create a well-designed but intimate community, offering the best of South American coastal living.

The beach is one of the best in Ecuador, perfect for amateur surfers, boogie boarding, romping in the waves or simply sunbathing. The ocean is due west of Paradise Point and the world-class sunsets provide a perfect backdrop for a late afternoon gathering of friends.

Best of all, Paradise Point represents one of the best values on the Pacific coast. Other projects along this stretch of shoreline are charging upwards of $120 per square meter for front line lots and $100 a square meter for second tier lots. At Paradise Point, beach-front lots are only $85 a meter, which works out to about $70,000, for a lot with over 60 feet of beach frontage. Second tier lots are less than $75 a square meter, about $60,000 per lot. The Paradise Point developers have a motto: Life is good on the Beach … and you can afford it!

Building, maintenance and utilities costs will also be low. Construction costs for high-quality homes run about $50 per square foot, which means a 2,000 square foot house will cost about $100,000 to build. Utilities will run between $50 and $100 per month and annual property tax about $50.

Because of Ecuador's booming real estate market and the low cost of investing in Paradise Point, you will begin building equity in your property right from the start. Annual appreciation for Ecuadorian coastal property is running between 10% and 20% in recent years with no slow-down in sight.

Preconstruction sales have been brisk so we encourage potential buyers to act soon.


Paradise Point is within 30 miles of Salinas and La Libertad, a major resort area with a population of more than 100,000, featuring malls, supermarkets and hospitals. It is a two hour drive to Guayaquil, Ecuador´s largest city and home of one of Ecuador´s two international airports. To the north, the booming port city of Manta offers many of the shopping options found in Guayaquil as well as a large national airport.

In addition to pristine beaches, the area around Paradise Point is well known as a naturalist´s paradise. The birdwatching between Salinas and Manta is considered the best in Ecuador, with more 480 species counted,  including toucans, mot mots, osprey, three species of parrots, azulejos, caciques, flycatchers, and dozens of species of hummingbirds. The hills behind the beach, thick with tropical hardwoods, conifers, and palms, are criss-crossed with trails and small roads, perfect for hiking and exploring. The popular Machalilla National Park, 25 miles north of Paradise Point, offers organized nature tours.

From June to October, the waters off Paradise Point are perfect for humpback whale watching. Although whale-watchers can hire boats out of Salinas and Puerto Lopez, whales are frequently visible from the shore.

Other popular activities in the area include salt water fishing, ocean kayaking, diving, hiking and, of course, surfing.

Although Paradise Point is only 100 miles south of the equator, temperatures are moderated by the strong Humboldt Current. Average high temperatures are in the low 80s while lows are in the high 60s or low 70s. The surf is perfect for swimming, with water temperature averaging 78 degrees year-round.


If you've always wanted a spot in paradise, here's your chance. But act quickly because once it's gone, it's gone.

Welcome to Paradise. 

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