TransAndeans' IntroCuenca Seminar and Tour offers a comprehensive overview of life in Cuenca as well as a look at local real estate

June 12, 2014 10:56 by Admin

Although the Intro Cuenca Tours, conducted by TransAndean Tours, provides a thorough look at housing options, it is intended to be much more. Because buying and renting propety is only one of the many issues facing those considering relocating to a new city and country, Intro Cuenca is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the city and surrounding area with tours led by Cuenca's top tour guide, discussions led by experts about moving to and living in Cuenca. Intro Cuenca includes a half-day seminar that considers the challenges, logistics and practicalities of relocation as well as introductions to local professionals and expats already living in the Cuenca area. 

The tour includes an opening night cocktail hour and dinner prior to the tour that begins the next morning.

Please note: the Intro Cuenca tour cost includes hotel and two meals a day for three days. TransAndean Trading is an independent tour operator and does not make money on real estate sales, coordinated by Cuenca Real Estate, the oldest and largest company that focuses on the foreign market. For more information and the tour and to sign up, please email

Coming Tour Dates:

August 3, 4, 5 and 6, 2014

September 21, 22, 23 and 24, 2014

Tour package includes:

• Hotel accommodations, three nights
• Breakfast (at the hotel), three days
• Lunch, three days
• Tours of Colonial Cuenca surrounding area
• Visits to local artisans workshops
• Tour of real estate in Cuenca and the surrounding area
• Meeting with visa and real estate attorneys, relocation, health care, and insurance experts and Cuenca expats
• Transportation by van

Not included in tour package:

• Dinner (except for first night banquet)
• Travel to and from Cuenca  

IntroCuenca tour prices:

$695 single; $625 double occupancy, per person

Travel assistance:

We will assist in making arrangements for in-coming and out-going transportation (there will be designated flights from Quito and Guayaquil), lodging before and after the tour. We can also arrange additional sight-seeing tours and individual real estate tours for those who arrive before the tour or who remain in Cuenca after the tour. 

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Cuenca Overview

Cuenca is Ecuador’s third largest city and is considered the country’s culture center. Built around one of South America’s largest cathedrals, the city’s architecture and culture is a colorful exhibition of its indigenous and Spanish heritage. Cuenca is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and is frequently referred to in travel guides as the most European of South American cities. The city is famous for its artistic tradition and its many art, music and crafts festivals. Its Bienal is the largest art exhibit and juried art competition in South America. In 2008, the German magazine Stern rated Cuenca the best retirement destination in Latin America. In 2009, International Living magazine named Cuenca the top retirement destination in the world and Lonely Planet travel guide included it among the top cities in world for travelers.

At an altitude of 8,200 feet, Cuenca is known for its spring-like weather. The year-round temperature range is 71 F for a high to 50 F for a low. Historically, rainfall averages 29 inches a year. 

Just as Otavalo is the indigenous crafts center for the northern Ecuadorian Andes, Cuenca is the crafts center for the southern Andes. The city and surrounding area is known for ceramics, jewelry, leatherwork, textiles, woodwork, musical instruments and, of course, Panama hats.

With a growing population of about 500,000, Cuenca has attracted more than 2,000 English-speaking foreign residents in recent years. A recent demographic study predicts that the city is the most popular destination for foreigners relocating to Ecuador.

More information about Cuenca: These websites provide information about Cuenca and the surrounding area.    

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